Loop Lunching: Taco Fresco

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Loop Lunching: Taco Fresco

Taco Fresco
23 E Adams St, Chicago, IL 60603

Time: In at 12:43pm, food in 5 minutes.
Meal: Fish taco combo, Lime Jarritos soda = $9.68

Taco Fresco is a small chain (4 locations in the Loop, 2 in the suburbs) of Mexican food restaurants. I’d say the food is absolutely nothing special, but not too bad usually. I’ve had the fish tacos before at this location and another and been satisfied. They’re certainly fast: this visit it took just 5 minutes from walking in the door to getting my food. And there’s a nice selection of salsas: two kinds of green and 3 or 4 varieties of red.

I got the fish tacos again this time. Fish is a dollar extra over the regular taco combo, and I paid extra for a Jarritos instead of a can of soda. Their fish tacos are, as with the rest of their menu, no frills: no special slaw or sauce. Just two slabs of grilled tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese. The “combo” gets you rice and beans. The beans today were extra soupy (I know it’s not the Chicago style, but I actually like a bit of discernible bean in my refried beans). And my fish taco seemed pretty bland, even slathered with the hot green salsa. A fumble for the usually reliable Taco Fresco.

Loop Lunching: Taco Fresco

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