Loop Lunching: Abou André

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Loop Lunching: Abou André

Abou André
60 E Jackson, Chicago, IL

Time: In at 1:34pm, seated with food in 6 minutes
Meal: Baid Qawarma plate, fountain drink = $10.86

There are a lot of places open in the loop now that serve the food of various Mediterranean countries. I’ve heard them lumped together as “falafel joints”, though for most that’s just one of the foods they serve. I like the cuisine, whatever we call it, but it’s also true that a lot of the places all seem to have nearly identical menus. So that’s something I like about Abou André—there’s stuff on the menu I haven’t seen elsewhere. According to their web page, this is the sole American outpost of a Lebanese chain, so maybe that has something to do with it.

One of those unusual dishes is the Baid Qawarma: lamb and beef, eggs, and pine nuts all scrambled together. I like it with the hot sauce (not pictured, because I forgot to ask for it). I don’t know if was just because I was there after the lunch rush, but my two side falafels were patted and deep-fried to order, instead of coming out of a tub, and so were fluffy and delicious. I’m not sure why I got couscous as a side—it’s a pretty filling meal already and the couscous was a bit much. Usually I get the tabouleh.

Loop Lunching: Abou André

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