Loop Lunching: Jimmy John's

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Loop Lunching: Jimmy John's

Jimmy John’s
249 S State St, Chicago, IL 60604

Time: In at 2:10pm, leaving with food in 2 minutes, 15 seconds.
Meal: Ham sandwich (#1 Pepe), chips, and a drink = $8.33

As I said when I went to Chipotle, I’m going to try to avoid chains on this project. But it is my work day, and so there are going to be days when I just need to grab something fast. And Jimmy John’s does finish off my tour around the block* that my office is located on. And fast they are: the two minutes and fifteen seconds it took to get this sandwich and walk back out the door is the current Loop Lunching record.

And, you know, I like a Jimmy John’s sandwich. Again as I mentioned in the Chipotle review, I like places that do something simple and stick to it. I think Jimmy John’s has had the same basic menu for years. I remember it being a big deal when they added bacon to the possible ingredients, and that was like five years ago.

*Without crossing the street.

Loop Lunching: Jimmy John's

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