An Index of Drunk Monkeys Episodes!

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Here is a complete list of all episodes of Drunk Monkeys, for your reference!!

Episode 0: Introduction
Episode 1: Root
Episode 2: 360 Cola Vodka
Episode 3: Chambord
Episode 4: Crema de Mezcal
Episode 5: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
Episode 6: Herbsaint
Episode 7: Cocktail Time--Lemon Arak
Episode 8: Disaronno
Episode 9: 360 Double Chocolate Vodka
Episode 10: Chocovine
Episode 11: Barenjager
Episode 12: Vermouth
Episode 13: Bitters
Episode 14: Schonauer Apfel
Episode 15: Cocktail Bonus Feature
Episode 16: Season 3 Teaser
Episode 17: GIRL
Episode 18: Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka
Episode 19: Zen Green Tea Liqueur
Episode 20: Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine
Episode 21: North Shore Eldergin
Episode 22: Cocktail Time--Eldergin Fizz
Episode 23: Jeppson's Malort
Episode 24: Season 4 Teaser
Episode 25: Live Show Promo
Episode 26: Soplica Orzech Laskowy
Episode 27: Maker's White
Episode 28: Pinnacle Cake Vodka
Episode 29: Bakon Vodka
Episode 30: Calvados Pays d'Auge Venerable
Episode 31: Creme de Cassis
Episode 32: Cocktail Time--Sazerac
Episode 33: Live! Chicago Women's Funny Festival Intro
Episode 34: Hum
Episode 35: Alaska Distillery Salmon Vodka
Episode 36: Season 6 Teaser
Episode 37: Pinnacle Gummy
Episode 38: Byrrh
Episode 39: Risky? Whisky
Episode 40: Phillips Lime Vodka
Episode 41: Breuckelen Whiskey
Episode 42: Naked Jay Big Dill Pickle Vodka

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