Loop Lunching: Christkindlmarket

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Loop Lunching: Christkindlmarket

Christkindlmarket Daley Plaza, 50 W Washington, Chicago, IL 60602

Time: Walked into the Plaza at 12:51, standing at a table with a sandwich in 2 minutes. Meal: Pork loin sandwich with sauerkraut = $9 (plus I tipped $1 so that they’d ring the bell they ring when they get tips). Most stalls are cash only.

I’m backlogged on writing up my Loop Lunching, but this is an important one to get posted because it’s my first seasonal lunch spot. For the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Daley Plaza becomes a little German market, with stalls selling all sorts of handicrafts, Christmas ornaments, and sweets. There are also several food and drink stands. You can get beer and mulled wine in a boot (go early if you want a boot—they always sell out by early December). The food stalls have a variety of German standards: weinersnitchel, bratwurst, currywurst, leberkase, and today’s lunch, a smoked pork-loin sandwich.

Erica and I have been making a date night of a trip to the Christkindlmarket for the last several years. And even when it was a bit of hike from my work to the market, I’d try to make it down for a lunch. Now that it’s just a few blocks from my office, I imagine I’ll be back several times in December. Can I count each different stall as a different entry for Loop Lunching?

Loop Lunching: Christkindlmarket

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