Drunk Monkeys - Episode 1 - Root

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It's finally here, our very first episode of Drunk Monkeys. So, first off, the name. You might notice that in the video Erica and Jen refer to Drunk Monkey, in the singular. It's been a leetle while since we filmed this first batch of shows. Somewhere in there, most crucially when I was asking Steven Lyons to draw a logo for the show, I pluralized it. And as the guy doing the typing, what I say goes, see? So the show is Drunk Monkeys and when we record the next batch of shows I'll get Jen and Erica to say it that way if I have to threaten them with Malört to make it stick.

In this first episode, Jen and Erica are drinking Root, from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. And already we're perhaps straying a bit from our stated goal. The idea was to drink things that you would normally drink in mixed drinks or cocktails, but to drink them straight. And Root is a liquor that you can just sip on it's own. But the ladies had a big night of drinking weird stuff ahead of them and wanted to start out with something nice. Enough of me typing, here's what you really came to see...

Drunk Monkeys - Episode 1 - Root on Vimeo.

See you next Friday for more drinky fun!

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