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Drunk Monkeys

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Hey! Where’d all the Drunk Monkeys episodes go? Well, we’re pleased as spiked punch to announce that Drunk Monkeys has outgrown its original nesting ground here with the squirrels and they now have their own site:

There you can find Jen and Erica and all your favorite videos of them drinking it up. See you over there. Cheers!

Four Squirrels

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We're a married couple--Erica Reid Gerdes and Fuzzy Gerdes--who love food and drink adventures. Well, we love food and drink, period--Fuzzy will as happily eat mac & cheese as lobster and Erica won't pass up a Miller Lite, if you're buying. But we do like seeking out new tastes and new stories.

We both blog pretty regularly, but about all sorts of topics, and we thought it might be nice to have a separate place just for our food and drink posts, for the people who share our curiosities and tastes.

We've pulled in some entries that we've posted on our blogs and on the Chicago Metblog over the last few years, to give you a flavor for the kind of flavors we like.

And why Four Squirrels? Why not!

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