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Chio Taccos

Our local Dominick's just remodeled and added a bigger international section right in the middle of the store. There's an endcap of Chio Chips* and of course I had to get a couple packs (the Paprika chips are a nice subtle spicy) but what really caught my eye were Taccos. I mean, who knows Texas barbeque like Germans.

Taccos are potato-based little poofy rings and they're... nothing. There's nothing there. They're as light as styofoam. The "Texas barbeque" flavor is barely a hint. I'm not a fan of the Doritos-style overwhelming flavors, but I like a flavor to taste like a flavor.

Of course, I ate the whole bag.

* Careful with the volume if you're at work or whatever: there are loud Chio jingles in store.

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